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FrogManAlien designs and builds a wide variety of games for PC, console, and mobile.

Our current experiments are below.

PaperCraft Warrior

Make every fold count in a Action RTS game where your only resource is paper and folds .

Pang Planet

A modern take on PANG (aka Buster Brothers)- exploring new dimensions of rope (and laser rope) combat.

Tactical Warface Experiment 9

A variety of experiments in the field of simulated tactical warfare with real time combat.

More Experiments await you below.

Because who doesn't need to experiment more (it's the framework of modern science after all)?


Think Worms meets Giant Robot Killing Machines.

Resource Kits

Various bits of code I've started but not yet finished.


An easy to play card matching game.

Where's... Walter

A hidden object game meets Where's Wally, by way of ScribbleNauts.

More soon

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